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Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JS framework for developing responsive, mobile first projects on the web.

InForm are experts at developing & supporting responsive Bootstrap Website Design

We’ve been developing websites using the Bootstrap Framework for many years. Even our WordPress sites tend to be developed around the Bootstrap framework.

If you’re specifically looking for a Bootstrap Website Design then get in touch. Similarly, if you’re not happy with the support of your current Bootstrap website design then give us a call.

Why we love Bootstrap at InForm?

Over the last few years, Bootstrap has become an increasingly popular front-end development framework. More and more developers and designers continue to get on board. We’ve been using it since it’s launch in 2011. The framework allows for rapid, responsive development that is consistent and well supported by the development and design community. We outline the major benefits of Bootstrap below:

Speed of Development

Undoubtedly one of the biggest advantages of using Bootstrap is the speed of development. Quicker development time means lower cost to our clients.

Rather than coding from scratch, Bootstrap enables you to utilise ready made blocks of code to help you get started. Combine that with built in responsive design, cross-browser compatibility and CSS-Less functionality and you’ve got a robust framework that saves many hours of coding.


Mobile devices continue to grow in popularity year on year. The need to have a responsive website is now not even questionable.

Creating mobile ready websites is a breeze with Bootstrap thanks to the fluid grid layout that dynamically adjusts to the proper screen resolution. There is virtually no work that needs to be done to achieve proper responsiveness.

Using Bootstrap’s ready made classes, you can specify how many spots in the grid system you want each column to occupy. Then, you can specify at which point you want your columns to stack horizontally rather than vertically to display properly on mobile devices.


Bootstrap was actually founded on this principle. It was originally developed by a few Twitter employees as a framework to encourage consistency across internal tools. Co-Founder Mark Otto later realised it had potential beyond just an internal toolkit and released the first open-source version in August 2011.

Bootstrap ensures consistency regardless of who’s working on the project. In addition, results are uniform across platforms so output remains the same whether you’re using Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer.


Bootstrap can be tailor made according to the specifications of your project. Developers have the ability to pick and choose the features that are needed and the rest can be ignored.


Bootstrap has a huge support community behind it so you can usually get help when you run into issues. Furthermore, Bootstrap itself is being continuously updated and the creators have been really good about putting out timely updates.

As the framework continues to develop, the reasons to use Bootstrap keep mounting. For more details on the Bootstrap Framework see

The following links detail Client Sites we’ve developed using the Bootstrap Framework. There’s also links to our blog which has useful help, advice and latest news articles on the Bootstrap Framework.

Modrana Music Promotions Ltd WordPress website by InForm Web Design, Lancashire

Modrana Music Promotions Limited

Modrana Music Promotions Limited is run by renowned English Composer, David Golightly.
InForm acted as a web agency for Modrana Music Promotions, developing their online presence with the design of a new website aimed specifically at facilitating the hire of Arrangements and the purchase of sheet music and recordings, and promoting the work of Composer and Business Owner, David Golightly.

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Interact Health Management - Umbraco website design Lancashire - InForm Web Design

Interact Health Management Limited

A Swiss Life (UK) Group Plc Company, Interact Health Management has over 25 years experience in Occupational Health. With offices located in Birmingham, Leeds, Liverpool, London and Reading, they are able to provide occupational health solutions to businesses throughout the UK.
InForm designed and developed a Responsive Umbraco CMS website for Interact which was coded around the Twitter Bootstrap Framework. The site could be updated by staff at Interact using Microsoft Word, a product that were very comfortable at using.

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Low Cost Website Design Lancashire - InForm Web Design

Gary Baddley Hair Stylists

Gary Baddley Hair Stylists is a good example of a small local business website costing just a few hundred pounds. The site implementation included Social Media Marketing, Branding (new logo and corporate colour scheme), and organic Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

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FlexcreteTechnologies Limited website designed & developed by InForm Web Design, Lancashire

Flexcrete Technologies Limited

When we started working with Flexcrete, they were facing a number of marketing issues. There were no Brand Guidelines in place which in turn meant there was no consistency in branding across product literature and related marketing material. The Brand styling was dated and their existing website was out of date and based on technology that wasn’t compatible with mobile and tablet browsing. At the same time, Flexcrete was expanding rapidly and bringing new products to market.
The first thing InForm did was to work with the Directors and implement Branding Guidelines. We developed templates for all Marketing Literature and scrapped in-house colour laser printing in favour of low cost commercial printing, a move which saved both time and money. We implemented a Marketing Strategy based on a more Customer Centric approach. We achieved this by devising a simple colour coding system relating to the market sectors within which the Flexcrete Products are sold. This colour coding system was then reflected in the website right through to all product literature.

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Bennett & Co Solicitors website designed & developed by InForm Web Design, Buckshaw Village, Lancashire

Bennett & Co Solicitors

InForm Web Design acted as a web agency for Bennett & Co Solicitors, developing their online presence with a website promoting their considerable expertise in international property purchase. A key requirement of the site was to take visitors on a journey through the purchase process, highlighting procedures, key activities and providing an interactive purchaser checklist.

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Appleyard Design website designed & developed by InForm Web Design

Appleyard Design

InForm Web Design acted as a web agency for Appleyard Design, developing their online presence with the design of an intuitive, easy to navigate website that showcased their portfolio of work. Particular emphasis was placed on promoting their full range customer service from Corporate, Product or Service Branding through to printed material design, standards and templates.

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AMO Music Productions - Client Profile - InForm Web Design

AMO Music Productions

InForm Web Design developed a WordPress CMS website for AMO Music Productions specifically aimed at increasing studio bookings.
“We are delighted with the work carried out by InForm Web Design. Just 3 months after launch our studio bookings are up by nearly 40% as a direct result of our new website.”

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