NTL Inc.


In 2003 NTL Inc. was the largest operator of cable assets in Europe with an annual turnover of £2.5 billion and a UK network consisting of a 7,800 km fibre backbone reaching 8.4 million residential homes and around 610,000 businesses. In 2004 NTL merged with Telewest and in 2005 it acquired Virgin Net, rebranding itself with the purchase to become Virgin Media.

NTL Inc SURFboard microsite developed by InForm Web Design

Our Role

The NTL microsite dates back to 2001. We've included it in our portfolio because it's an excellent example of how good design can stand the test of time. Yes it looks a little dated now and it's frames based layout would not perform well on today's browsers, but we're talking about a site that's now over 15 years old!

Back in 2000 we were handling all the digital marketing for Motorola BCS EMEA, in particular the launch of their SURFboard cable modem. When Motorola signed a distribution deal with NTL, NTL approached us to design a microsite specifically to promote their Cable based internet services for homes and small businesses. The site had to integrate seamlessly with their existing corporate site and adhere strictly to their corporate branding.


  • Microsite Design & Development
  • Web Support
  • Copywriting

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